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Create A Technician Web

Creating a Technician on PFIM Web interface Creating a technician requires that you have first created your internal organisation as a customer or supplier, and associated technician as a contact. This is done via Customer – Master File (This process is documented separately.) Inside the Web Interface select Menu – Contacts – Contact Technician Now from the top bar select Create Contact Technician Type part of your organisation name into “Search Sites” and select search […]

PFIM Supplier Quote Requests

After Logging into PFIM The Main Menu is displayed as well as the Notification Panel with your list of Purchase Orders in various states. Click the Suppliers Master File button – the list of Suppliers is displayed.Double click on the Supplier that you would like to place a Quote Request on. The Supplier Master File is displayed. Click on the Quotations button (the button with the icon that looks like a booklet). The Select Suppliers […]

PFIM Web – Site Assets Grid

The grids displayed in the Site Assets screen display data from either the SiteAssets table or from data constrcuted from a combination of the BillOfMaterials, StockMast, StockMastDetails, SerialNumbers,  LastSerialNumberTransactions tables. Data will be used from the SiteAssets table if the system is configured to run in Simple Site Assets mode – by specifying ValueSetting = ‘1’ where SystemID=20033 in the SystemSettings table. In order to edit data in the grids in Simple Site Assets mode […]

PFIM Web – Site Assets – Edit BOM Based Assets

Site Assets The Site Assets module is an add on to PFIM which gives users the ability to view (view only at this stage) details about Assets at a location (Site). Architecture The user interface is web based which means that no client side installation is required. The server side relies on the PFIM database running on MySQL, a web server configured with PHP 5 and accessible to the clients. Method The Site Assets module […]

HR Managing Salaries

If you are new to PFIM HR please view HR Overview first! Manage Categories Select Main –  here you will see Types for all Categories as well as Categories. Allowances Earnings Deductions Leave Days Manage Employee Data Select Staff Record – Employee Details. Double click on the employee to be edited if they are not showing select show all, you will see employees that are not set as currently employed also. Open the Category you […]


It is important to regularly Recalculate the Balances on the different PFIM Master Files before reporting on it.If this Recalculation is not done it will result in Reports reflecting wrong balances on the Master files.This is a manual operation and can be performed while other users are logged on.However it is preferred that all users be logged off to ensure that all transaction data is accounted for.   This operation is also only performed by […]


From the Main Menu – select / click the Cashbook button – the cashbook selection screen is displayed. To Process Creditors Payments click the Payments check box.   The Cashbook capture screen appears. A/C Code : will contain the Creditors Control account. The system will enter this for you automatically. Sub A/C : Select/enter the Supplier you want to pay. The Supplier name will display. Reference : Enter a unique reference for the entry into […]


Issuing Stock from Store can be processed in 3 different methods. 1.   INVOICE a CUSTOMER a)  Under Customer column select INVOICE b)  Select the customer and enter all relevant data c)  Click on INVOICE BODY tab d)  select Stock items and enter all relevant data e) Once done click on GREEN ARROW to accept/update – this will increase your Customer Account Balance and decrease your Stock on hand   2.   RETURN GOODS TO A SUPPLIER […]

Processing Proforma Invoices

    Processing an Invoice as a Proforma does not update any Debtors balances or Stock Issues. To process a proforma invoice for a customer, the customer must be ticked for MONTHLY CONTRACT BILLING.On the Customer Master file tick the box Monthly Contract Billing.     When Invoicing the customer a SAVE button will appear on the INVOICE screen. This will enable the user to save the invoice as a Proforma.If this SAVE button is […]


It is logical that to receive a Stock Code into store, the Stock Code must exist in PFIM – if not create the Stock Item. Receiving Goods can be processed in 3 methods. 1. Under SUPPLIERS – This process updates the Supplier Account Balance and Increase Stock on Hand a) select RECEIVE GOODS b) select your Supplier c) enter the Reference Number supplied by Supplier – this will usually be the Supplier Invoice number d) Enter […]

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