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Debtors Overview

PFIM Provides a broad Debtors Module providing for a full end to end Debtor Management solution.

From the main Debtors Master file you are able to manage the debtor along with all their details.
We also provide additional tabs in which Location and Contact Details can be added as well as Banking Information.
PFIM Debtors Master file - Contacts
PFIM Debtors Master file - Banking
PFIM Debtors Master file
We provide extensive reporting within PFIM. Within the debtors module we have a number of options of custom stationery we can modify for you as an organisation. PFIM Debtors Report - Menu
PFIM Debtors Report - Custom Stationery We always customise the following reports as they will be seen by your clients.
Job Card/s
Quote Letter/s
Purchase Order
PFIM Debtors Report - Default We also provide a whole range of default reporting that offers you insights into your business and can be filtered on a range of different selection criteria.
PFIM Debtors Report - Filter