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Technician Jobs Dashboard

Options :

Syntax =
? after the php file, followed by all options joined with an & no spaces allowed

uName : Valid PFIM Username

pWord : Valid PFIM Password

BranchCode : Specify a single branch to view.

HoursBack : A number of hours in the past to include jobs that are closed defaults to 12.

ShowInternalJobs : A true or false to include jobs for your internal Debtor code defaults to true.

DetailLength : A numeric indicating the number of characters to display in Job Details defaults to 90.

JobType : This is designed to include or exclude cost centers or comparatives.

“service” will include all cost centers containing the word service. “noservice’ will exclude all cost centers containing the word service.


scheduled-unallocated – Grouped as Technician “Unassigned”

scheduled-technician-start – (Technician Checked in)

scheduled-technician-end – (Technician Checked out)

appointment-complete – (Technician has completed appointment and Synchronised data)

job-card-complete – (Office has marked Job as Complete)

job-card-invoiced – (Office has marked Job as Invoiced)