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Compacted Schedule Summary


Syntax = (
? after the php file, followed by all options joined with an & no spaces allowed

uName : Valid PFIM Username

pWord : Valid PFIM Password

refreshPeriod : Miliseconds for the screen to refresh between 60000 and 1800000


scheduled-no-jobs – (Contract has work Scheduled but Jobcards are yet to be generated)

scheduled-allocated – (All Jobs are scheduled for given Contract and allocated to technicians.)

scheduled-unallocated – (All Jobs are scheduled for given Contract but still not allocated to technicians.)

scheduled-technician-start – (Technician Checked in)

scheduled-technician-end – (Technician Checked out)

scheduled-technician-complete – (Technician has marked all jobs for this contract as complete)

scheduled-complete-invoiced – (Office marked all Jobs as Complete)

scheduled-last-service – (Office marked all Jobs as Invoiced)


2 Months back

Current Month with Left and Right Green Border.

3 Months Forward

   Contract Master – Building : JobCards Expected / JobCards Generated / Appointments Complete : SerialNo’s Expected / SerialNo’s Linked