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PFIM – Scheduling Dashboard

Options :

Syntax = (
? after the php file, followed by all options joined with an & no spaces allowed

uName : Valid PFIM Username

pWord : Valid PFIM Password

StartDate : A fixed Date to start the Calendar at.

DaysBack : A number of days in the past to include in calendar defaults to 7 day.(Over written when using StartDate)

Days : A number of days for which to show the calendar default is 21 days.

Statuses :

scheduled-unallocated – Grouped as Technician “Unassigned”

scheduled-technician-start – (Technician Checked in)

scheduled-technician-end – (Technician Checked out)

Text Box: Orange Border

appointment-complete – (Technician has completed appointment and Synchronised data)

Text Box: Red Border
Green Background
Black Text

job-card-complete – (Office has marked Job as Complete)

Text Box: Green Text
Black Background

job-card-invoiced – (Office has marked Job as Invoiced)

Text Box: DarkSlateGrey Text
Black Background