From the Main Menu – select / click the Cashbook button – the cashbook selection screen is displayed.
To Process Creditors Payments click the Payments check box.



The Cashbook capture screen appears.


A/C Code : will contain the Creditors Control account. The system will enter this for you automatically.

Sub A/C : Select/enter the Supplier you want to pay. The Supplier name will display.

Reference : Enter a unique reference for the entry into this field.

Date : Enter a valid date in the date format your computer is setup to use. By double clicking in the date field a calendar is displayed and you can select a date by double clicking on the calendar date.

Description. Enter a Transaction Description (up to 50 characters).

A/C Dr : Account Debit.  Enter the actual Amount paid. If the supplier grants a discount in respect of payment then this amount Excludes the discount amount.

When you press enter in the Account Debit field and the value is greater than 0 then the Matching and Aging screen is presented.
The Aging and Matching screen is where you tell the system which transactions you are paying / settling and it gives you the opportunity to over ride any assumptions the system may have made about the payment.discount003

The first step is to enter against each transaction (row) the amount that you are paying. If you are paying the complete transaction (row) then double click on the row that is being paid. The system will automatically enter the full amount of the transaction to the Allocate column. If you are only paying a part of a transaction then manually type in the amount that is being paid into the allocate column. This amount must be Positive! ie If R50-00 is being paid enter 50 and press enter.

Notice that after each allocation the amount in the To Allocate box becomes less. When you have completely allocated the full payment this box will display 0.

Once all allocations have been done (the To Allocate box should display 0.00) you can adjust the aging of the payment.

Enter the amounts into the Current, 30 Days, 60 Days, 90 Days and 120 Days – the amounts that you enter here must add up to the amount you entered in the Cashbook page for this supplier. These amounts must be positive ie if you paid R50-00 and you want this to reflect against the suppliers Current balance then you must enter 50 in the Current box.

Once you are satisfied that the amounts agree click Accept – the Discount screen is displayed.

The discount screen is used to split the amount debited to the supplier between discount and the amount paid to the supplier.

If no discount is given against this payment then the Total Payment (Debit) to supplier will be equal to the amount entered in the Cashbook and the Amount of payment made will be this amount. The Amount of discount and the Amount of VAT will be 0.00. Once you are satisfied with this click Accept, otherwise click Abort and you will be returned to the previous screen.

If a discount was given then see these help instructions to continue.

Once you Accept the entry you are returned to the Cashbook screen.

he Cashbook screen now has the entry in the Grid. Note that the Supplier and the Creditors control is Debited and that the specified Bank Account is Credited.

Once you have processed all the required entries for this payment or transfer click Accept – the entry is updated into the system.

If you are claiming a settlement discount (the amount of discount was included in the amount entered in the Cashbook page) then this is the screen you use to instruct the system how much discount is claimed and how much VAT was involved.

EXAMPLE : The invoices to be paid (in red box) amounts to R5249.51. The total amount to be paid to the supplier is R5000.00 (the amount entered into the Cashbook).

To match off the Invoices to be paid against the amount paid, double click on the line to transfer the amount of the transaction to the TO ALLOCATE column. If the final double click does not transfer the full amount overwrite the amount manually by typing the full figure of the O/S BEFORE column.

You can also manually enter the amount in the O/S BEFORE column as a positive in the TO ALLOCATE column.

You should now have a figure in the TO ALLOCATE box at the bottom.

Double click in the DISCOUNT box and the amount in the TO ALLOCATE box transfers to the DISCOUNT box.

Click the Green Arrow to Accept and the CashBook – VAT Analysis window opens showing the Discount and VAT on the Discount amount.

If this is all correct, Accept it by clicking on the Green Arrow.

The completed Cashbook screen is displayed again showing the following General Ledger accounts:

Supplier Control Account
Discount Received account
VAT Input account
CASHBOOK account

This screen shows the Cashbook entry screen where a discount (including VAT) has been claimed from a supplier.

If you are not satisfied with this click Abort – you will be returned to the previous screen.

If this is correct click Accept and the entry is processed and all the General Ledger accounts and Supplier account will be updated.