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PFIM Supplier Quote Requests

After Logging into PFIM

The Main Menu is displayed as well as the Notification Panel with your list of Purchase Orders in various states.

Click the Suppliers Master File button – the list of Suppliers is displayed.Double click on the Supplier that you would like to place a Quote Request on. The Supplier Master File is displayed.

Click on the Quotations button (the button with the icon that looks like a booklet). The Select Suppliers Quote screen is displayed. Note that the Suppliers Code check box is ticked and there is an Account Code specified in the field. Clicking on the button with the arrow next to Our Request Number will display a list of Requests

For Quotations that have been made with this supplier. Removing the tick from the Suppliers Code check box and then clicking the  button with the arrow next to Our Request Number will display a list of Requests For Quotations that have been made with all suppliers.

To create a new Quote Request with the supplier specified in the Suppliers Code field click the Create New Quote button (the button with the + sign icon).

You will be given a Quote Request Number – click OK. The Supplier Quote Request form is displayed.

Complete the various fields as required. In order to use the system to compare the quotes that are returned by the suppliers the same RFQ No must be used for the related Quote Requests.(NonStock or General stock items with multiple of the same stock code can not be used to compare)

To specify items to quote on capture the details into the grid. Clicking on the Insert New Row button will create an additional row in the grid. Double clicking in the Code column will present the Stock Items Pick List.You can select an item from the stock list. This will automatically enter the Stock Code into the Code column and the Stock Description into the Description column. Using items from the Stock Pick List ensures that a uniform method of referring to items is used and prices can thus be compared between suppliers. If a more detailed description for the goods is required you can capture more detail into the Description column. Enter the quantity of the item that the supplier should quote on.

Once complete you can click on the Print button and the print preview screen will be displayed. The Request For Quotation can be printed or exported to PDF and emailed to the supplier.

To request a quotation for the same goods from multiple suppliers click the Copy Quotation button. You will need to know the other Supplier Account Codes in order to complete this.

When a supplier submits their quotation you can retrieve the quote request and enter their prices. You can then print the comparative report by clicking on the Comparative Report button from any quote request that has the same RFQ No that you want to compare prices.

This completes the Supplier Quote Request process.