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Main Menu

Here we are able to access all areas of the program and the text menu’s which hold many additional options are always available when the main menu window is active.

Note:Clicking on the menu items will take you to areas with more detail on that option. (** AT THIS TIME WE ARE STILL ADDING PAGES FOR THESE LINKS)

Guide Customers Suppliers General Ledger Stock Modules Setup Contacts Exit Windows Help

Exit Setup Menu Modules Menu Contacts Search Link To Peritus Website Customers Master File Invoice Credit Note Customers Reports Areas Categories Sales Agents Sales Orders Version Change Log Suppliers Master File Receive Goods Return Goods Suppliers Reports NonStock Purchases Non Stock Returns Suppliers Reconcile Purchase Orders General Ledger Master File Journal Cash Book General Ledger Reports General Ledger Reconcile General Structure Job Cost Ledger Stock Master File Issues Receipts Stock Master Reports Sales Reports Stock Groups Stock Take Stock Price Markup Date Format

The Guide Menu:

This menu Option is in the process of being retired.

The Customer / Debtor Menu:

Customer - Master File Invoice Credit Note Reports - Plant Maintenance Reports Reports - Reprint Invoices Reports - Sales Details Reports - Shoprite Statement Export Reports - Report Menu Reports - Export Debtors Ledger Reports - Export Debtors Master File Areas Categories Sales Agents Sales Orders Search - Invoices / Credit Notes Search - Job Cards Sales Opportunities - Maintain Status Sales Opportunities - Maintain Opportunity Types Sales Opportunities - Reports

The Supplier / Creditor Menu:

Supplier Master File Receive Goods Return Goods Supplier Reports Non Stock Purchase Non Stock Returns Supplier Reconcile Purchase Orders **Purchase Orders View Status Reprint Purchase Order Reprint Accounts Update Reprint Goods Received Voucher Purchase Orders - Reports - Outstanding Purchase Orders for Collection

The General Ledger Menu:

Sample File

The Stock Menu:

Job Costing Bills Of Materials Quotes Foreign Exchange Contract Billing Serial Numbers Calendar Call Centre

The Additional Modules Menu:

The Setup Menu:

The Contacts Menu:

Opens the Search for Contacts screen

The Exit Menu:

Exits PFIM

The Windows Menu:

Shows all active windows, can be used to find open windows that are currently behind other windows.

The Help Menu:

This opens these Help files